Mercedes Key programming courses

Are you looking to add another service to your company or even start a new business?


We can offer a Training course at our pupose built unit in Birmingham.


The 1 Day training course covers the following.

  • Soldering methods
  • Key types and Identification
  • Key programming 
  • Key common faults and repairs
  • EIS identification and data reading methods
  • In-circuit and On-board data reading
  • Simple problem solving


The 2 Day advanced course covers all of the above and the following.

  • EIS+ESL programming and cloning
  • BGA key password extraction
  • New EIS programming and password extraction when all keys lost (W204/207 etc)
  • ECU Programming
  • Advanced EIS+ESL problem solving ( Data adjustment, Blocked keys)
  • Advanced soldering methods
  • Problem solving with STAR diagnostics
  • Testing EIS+Key on bench
  • Specialist tool making and adapting 


As you can see above the day will be packed with everything that you need to know about doing the job and making £££'s for your business.  You will also beable to buy everything you need to do the job on the day, directly from the experts! If you are interested in the above course, please send me an email - or visit my new website (Currently in the construction stage!)